Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Day Of Wedding Coordinator

The days leading up to the wedding happen to be the most stressful for any couple. If you are in charge of the complete planning process, it is only natural to have your fair share of concerns. A Day-of Wedding Coordinator is one of the most important people involved in making your wedding ceremony memorable and hassle-free! If you want to have a blast on your big day without worrying about the last-minute pop-ups, a Day-of Coordinator can prove to be a lifesaver.

Unlike the Wedding Planner who works on everything from scratch and helps you envision your wedding, a Day of Coordinator makes sure everything goes as planned. Most often people get confused between these two options but their roles are entirely different. 

We have compiled this short wedding Day of Coordinator’s duty list to help you understand what to expect.

To Help With Last Minute Plans and Preparations

Although you are hiring the coordinator for the day of your wedding, some Day-Of Coordinators will start working with you weeks before. You will need help with delegating wedding day responsibilities and last minute back-up plan details. Your coordinator will also be available at the rehearsal to ensure the planning and details that you have put into place will be executed seamlessly on your wedding day.

Your Point of Contact
The last thing you want is to run around on your wedding day, tying up the loose ends and  dealing with last minute issues. It’s not a matter of IF something will go wrong, but a matter of WHAT will go wrong. A Day-Of Coordinator is your personal assistant, there to take care of the details you don’t want to manage on your special day. From ensuring the vendors are where they need to be when they need to be there, to ensuring the right seating arrangement, you need a Day-Of Coordinator to be your point of contact for other vendors. They take the maximum workload off your shoulders and basically run the show while you are busy making memories with your guests. The biggest benefit has to be the peace of mind and the fact that there is someone to handle the unexpected issues that will arise, which really makes the whole celebration seamless and enjoyable. 

To Manage Your Wedding Day Timeline
Think of your Day-Of Coordinator as the project manager for your wedding. You do not want to leave things to chance, assuming they will all fall into place and go exactly as you planned. Like all wedding vendors, a Day-of Coordinator gets booked months in advance. So, if you are looking for someone to take care of the wedding timeline and vendors on your special day, it is always a good idea to plan in advance in order to avoid last-minute stress. Contact us for your free description of what you should expect from a Day-Of Coordinator.

The Bottomline
We know asking your friends or relatives to coordinate everything at your wedding may seem like one of the options, but trust us when we say this: nothing can match the expertise of a professional when it comes to attention to detail. The beauty of having a Day-of Coordinator is that they can step in at any point of time before the wedding and yet make sure everything is flawless and that you enjoy a stress-free day. 

Thinking about hiring a Day of Coordinator for your big day? Click the link below to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist! 



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